Thank You Cards
We’re very happy to provide you with thank you cards that coordinate with your wedding invitations. Our thank you cards are original and personalized to your specifications as with all items we offer, you may choose from one of the designs in our collection of wedding invitation designs, or you may request a custom design. Need envelopes? No problem. We’ll provide you with blank or letterpress printed envelopes to coordinate with your thank you cards.  



Here are few things to keep me mind about thank you cards:
• In order to not feel overwhelmed, try to write your thank you notes as you receive your gifts. 
• Keep a list of the wedding invitations you sent out (preferably the address list), so that you can make a note next to each name as the gifts arrive. 
• Keep it simple – mention the gift received and how you plan to use it. There is no need for a long letter. 
• For gifts received before the wedding, you should try to send a thank you note within 2 weeks following its arrival. 
• For gifts received after the wedding, you should try and send a thank you note within a month following the wedding. 
• Nowadays, thank you note writing is not just the bride’s job – don’t be afraid to divide up the work. 
• Remember, a late thank you note is always better than no thank you note.