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A wedding created from Happily Yours gives a lasting impression for years to come. The sophistication and artistry of a design, the affordable package deals, combine with the beautiful finished product is the perfect way to announce to the world the details of your very special celebration.


Don't settle for "ordinary" when it comes to your wedding. Personal sense of style and originality are details that make the difference at a wedding. The right design can transform an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary one. Make your wedding something guests never forget. If you want to make an impression, we can give you what you need to make your wedding "pop" with style.
We understand that every wedding has a budget and everyone wants more bang for their buck! At Happily Yours we want to help you achieve that. From invitations to wedding website it can be very costly. We're here to offer you a service that will cost a fraction of that price. Contact us now because we're excited to be apart of your special day and would love to help you save money!

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Artist: Tai Pham
Location: Richmond BC, Canada
  We invite you to enjoy the remarkable imagination of our profiled artist, Tai Pham, a Vietnamese/Canadian...

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