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  Wedding Programs:

     Are they necessary? Let me tell you that wedding programs are very important to you and your guests and they add a certain charm to your wedding day. Not only are they functional, they're one of the little details that gives your special day that extra something to take it over the top. Wedding programs are records of your ceremony, they help your guests feel included and understand what is happening, and they introduce your wedding party. At the end when everything is said and done, they'll look beautiful in your scrapbook for years to come!

Weather you have wedding programs or not is really up to you. No one can tell you it's a must, but for certain ceremonies they are more necessary than others. For instance,...

     - If you are having a religious or traditional wedding, with many guests who are of another faith or culture then this is a must. This will help them understand what's going on and make them feel just a little bit more welcome.

     - If you are having a large wedding, where guests are unlikely to know the wedding party, the wedding programs will act as a guide to who's who of this special event.

If you are having a particularly long ceremony where guests will want to be prepared to wait a while, the wedding programs will allow you to let your guests know step by step through the entire process.

     - If you have many special people who you need to thank, this will give you an opportunity to seal their names to your wedding for an eternity. This will no doubt make your special guests feel as important as you think of them.

Of course, those who are short on time or money may wish to forgo this option. Just remember that a wedding program is not only for the wedding day, it's a thoughtful gesture and souvenir for your guests who have gone through so much to witness your special day.